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Social Trigger

Social Trigger

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Why many times have you enter into a store because you saw many people there? Or how many times have you choose a restaurante just because there were many cars outside? Or a disco? :-) 
All those decisions are related with something that we call: Triggers! 
Today we speak about one of those. 

See the video! :-)
I wish you a great week, full of "Triggers", full of ENERGY and full of KI!

P.S.: I'm not a english native speaker, so please forgive my mistakes :-)

This is a video unscripted and filmed in a single take. No teleprompters, no notes, no BS.
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Today we are going to talk about social triggers! 
Today I'm in Scottsdale, Phoenix, in the state of Arizona, United States, and today I would love to talk about mental triggers and specially today we are going to talk about social triggers, as you can see I'm on the street and a lot of cars are passing by and so it wouldn't be the, the best shape… the best place to choose to make a video,  because of the noise and everything but, I want to tell you about, to call you of a, how can I say, call attention, make a note of something that usually happens to all of us, imagine that you are going for a trip and you are driving your car, with your family, and suddenly you feel like you need to eat, and you decide: ok next time that you see a restaurant you will stop and eat!  
Usually on those places there is a restaurant, usually are more than one and so we get there, we see a lot of restaurants, or two restaurants and usually one of the restaurant is full of cars and the other not and so which one do you peak?  Yes, exactly! Ninety percent of the people will choose the restaurant which has a lot of cars, and why? Because of a mental trigger: it's called social proof, so social proof will make, will make you to decide what everybody is deciding. I'm not saying that you are like everybody, what I'm saying is that, that makes, it is a big weight and your decision, every time you see someone following in a direction, everybody is going to do that action usually you will go, so that is a mental trigger and that's very powerful also through your business. So I hope you have liked this ideas and that hope you can apply these to your business, you can apply it in a very, very strong way and yeah that's it, and we'll talk more about mental triggers in the next videos. 
Ok so I hope you have a great week, full of energy and above all full of Ki! 
Bye, Bye!

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