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Angry clients

Angry clients

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Every entrepreneur that has direct clients or professionals who their job is to talk with clients will have for sure a moment of angry client… It's part of life! 
A furious client can be an excelent opportunity to use your "charm" and transform and negative situation into an amazing positive experience. 
How? Simple… Watch this video!

I wish you a great week, full of "angry clients" :-), full of ENERGY and full of KI!

P.S.: I'm not a english native speaker, so please forgive my mistakes :-)

This is a video unscripted and filmed in a single take. No teleprompters, no notes, no BS.
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How to deal with angry clients? 
So, today we're going to talk about angry clients, usually when we have an angry clients, we don't want, and the first step, we don't want to be in the same state as him. We have to be in a calm state, we have to breath (very important also, besides that, we have to acknowledge that we, we care about his situation. So, the second step is to evaluate if the problem or the situation that the client is talking about is it right or is it wrong.  If it is right, you can also, of course, say you apologized and say to him we're are going to solve the problem and that is the first step: focus on the solution. If you focus immediately on the solution, then you are shifting his mind, in direction to the solution and that when you, when you accomplish that, it's amazing. Because you transform the state of your client. Now, if the client is not being polite, and is shouting, crossing the line from professional to personal,  then you have to put some brakes, you have to put some brakes, and you have to tell him, always in a calm way, you have to tell them, and tell them that is crossing the line, he should not tell those words,  that is shouting or something like that, because you are hurry with them and we want to solve. 
Another, one of the things that you can do is just shut up, listen to him and then, talk when he is calm, so that's, that's very, very important. So, like I said, the third step is focus in the solution, and the fourth step is give him a date, and of course this date has to be as short as possible, so we can see the problems solved, if it is in the same date or immediately perfect, perfect, because you will have an opportunity to increases the trust, the client, in you. If you solve immediately the problem, the client will be very happy and the relationship will become strong, and that's when we have some probably of the client to increases the trust and the bond between you and your client. So every time you have an angry client,  just follow these steps, for sure you have a better clients. 
The 5th step, and the last one,  I like to say it is an initial step: do a follow up. After solve the problem, call them, or email or something like that, to ask if everything is ok, everything was solved, and if he need something, that will be like the, we usually say the cherry on top of the cake, and that would be awesome. 
If you follow this steps, 4, 5 steps, you will have great, great clients. 
Ok, so I hope you enjoy it, if you have enjoy it, please just give me a thumbs up, or a thumbs down, but give me some comments, please comment and tell me how do you do deal your angry clients, I'll love to hear you about, or read about .The second thing is, if you haven't subscribe this videos, just click here and then you can receive notification about our videos and of course go to www.enterpreneurselite.com in this link below, where you can sign up for our newsletter and receive a lot of goodies and also in that site you have a lot of videos, that you can watch and see and can give you a lot of insite to your company. Ok so, I hope you have a great week, full of energy, and full Ki!

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