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Body Language

Body Language

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Did you know that when we communicate with people, 57% of what the person "reads" is body expression or like we usually say Body Language"? 
So if you know what to read body language you can win every challenge related with people, because you will antecipate their moves. 
How? Just watch this video!

I wish you a great week, full of "body language" :-), full of ENERGY and full of  KI!

P.S.: I'm not a english native speaker, so please forgive my mistakes :-)

This is a video unscripted and filmed in a single take. No teleprompters, no notes, no BS.
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So, today we are going to talk about body language in meetings

So today we are talking about body language, we all agree that body language is very, very important in our commercial relationships or even personal relationships it’s usually important because sometimes we are saying some words and the words don’t, ahh… they are not the same as the form that we see, but of course we have to be careful about the culture of things, because sometimes for example in some cultures the way they say no with their head it’s different from your country, so you have to be careful about those differences.

But we are going to talk about body language in meetings, and the first thing that I would like to tell you is try to get to the meeting, to be first to get to the meeting, the you have the opportunity to choose in witch place are you going to sit down.

If you are the first to get there try to always sit in front of the door and not with the back to the door, because that is the worst position.

This is a , a… there’s 2 reasons why I’m saying this, first is feng shui or or fung shway, depends the way of the accent, depends if it’s Chinese and I’m thinking I’m saying the right way fung shway, and that says that the energy is better if you put in that position you are in a powerful position. 
But the second reason, is you don’t want people to get distracted. So if they are always looking to the door, they are probably having distractions, because sometimes there are some windows or they can see someone crossing and so they get distracted and you want they to be focused on you.

The second thing is if you want to speak with them and if you want to be in a higher position in terms of your subject in terms of the presentation you are giving, give or talk, standing up, if you are standing up and they are sitting down you are in a better position and you are giving a message to their subconscious that you are better. And those are the things that you want to give them to message to their subconscient Ok, that’s very, very, very important.

And so every time you are standing up you have a higher position so you are positioning yourself in a better place. Another thing that you can use is if you want to capture their attention you can use a pen, if you are using a pen, usually what happens is eyes focus on the pen, if you going to rise they focus on you on rising so you can follow those things.

Of course if the person on the other side is like this (arms crossed) and it’s not cold, because you have to be careful with about those issues, if it’s cold it’s natural that people are like this (arms crossed) because they want to warm themselves, but if everything is ok and they are like this (arms crossed) probably they are not enjoying as much as you.

And so you have to be careful and you have to do something to change their state, ok ? That’s very, very, important because when you capture those states you can win, you can get it, what you want.

And the last thing that I would like to advise you is try, when you want to finish the meeting and you don’t want to say to them that you want to finish the meeting, you can assume a position that almost like you are almost going to start running Ok ? you can be almost like standing up or at the corner at the chair or with the hands down and so you are giving some messages and signals that you want to leave the meeting ok ? 
So those… there are a lot of things that we can speak about body language and I’m going to open a series of videos about this… this theme that is very, very interesting, that we can know allot of things about a person even without speaking and that’s… that’s great.

So I hope you have enjoyed it, if you have enjoyed it just click here, if you don’t have there, just click down, and give me some comments. I promise I will answer every comment in personal. 

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So, I hope you have a great week, full of energy, and full Ki! Bye bye! 

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