• Did you Know
      8 in every 10 entrepreneurs do not resist the first 18 months
      50% of the companies does not survive after 5 years
      Only 5% have 1 Million Euros of invoice volume
      Only 0.4% get to the stage of 5 Million Euros invoice volume
      96% of the companies have less than 10 employees.
      You look for financial Independence
      You wish you had more time
      You want control of your life
      You wish to have personal satisfaction
      You want to leave your mark on the world
  • BUT
      You feel alone in taking decisions, you do not have the support you wish you had;
      Some nights are spent awake thinking of work or worrying about it;
      You wake up in the morning afraid to look to the bank account, because that check is about to be cashed;
      You don’t have time for anything, you eat late, you don’t have time to exercise and you don’t remember
    when was your last dinner with friends;…
      You want to sell, but finding new clients is not easy because the competition is huge;
       After selling, collecting is endless path;
        You are in a meeting with a client, your cell phone is on silent but you can see is a call from the bank…
  • BUT
      You have stacked money through bank loans and now you are always stuck
    with difficult obligations;
      You make everything alone and you still think that you make it better than the others,
    so you have problems in passing work to others;
      You feel robbed with so many Taxes. You feel like the Government is almost like one of your partners…
      Accounting é is a set of obligations that your accountant asks you and it seems like a nightmare!
      The legal questions are boring, much like the labor ones;
      You’ve trained a person to work you and when she is that stage she decides to leave to
    another company or, worse, she sets up a business similar to yours…

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